Thursday, October 18, 2012

High Stakes Bride: Book two of The Men of Stone Mountain Series.

 High Stakes Bride: Book two of The Men of Stone Mountain Series.

Another great story from one of my favorite authors.  A book written by Caroline Clemens has never disappointed me.  The characters in this story are as believable as they are lovable.  The story starts off with suspense when you are introduced to Mary Alice Price. Mary Alice is struggling to avoid detection, as she attempts to escape her evil stepbrothers. The two scoundrels lost her in a high-stakes gambling deal to a man as evil as the devil himself.  Her life depends on being able to escape Texas and reach Atlanta where she hopes to start a new life.

 Zach Stone has just been jilted again, and this time by a mail order bride.  He no longer trusts women outside his own family.  He dreads having to go back home and let his brothers know that he once again has failed to bring home a wife.

Zach is surprise to discover the young boy stealing food from his campfire is actually a woman.  She is a wounded, cold, frightened and showing sign of becoming quite ill.  She needs his help and she could help him in return.  They strike a deal and the resulting adventure is an enduring story you would not want to miss.

Here are two more very important characters in this story. Seth is Zack Stone's adopted son.
He is rescued by Zack and Alice. He is cold, hungry and suffering from a great loss. Ms Clemmons weaves this little boy into the story with the love and understanding that only a mother could. This story would not be the story it is without this adorable and brave child. Harry is his beloved pet with a personality all his own.                                                                                                                                I give this story Five Stars for adventure, heartwarming romance and a thoroughly happy ending.

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