Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Big Christmas Discount

My Passion's Series in Kindle Format is  discounted for Christmas. 

Book 2 in the Passion’s Series, Raven’s Passion
will be FREE starting Christmas Day through December 29th.

 Books 1 and 3 of the Passion’s Series will be on sale for 0.99 starting 12-22-15 through January 2, 16. 

International Award Winning, Passions Vision:

From an International Award Winner comes “Passionate, realistic and intense, Passion’s Vision will draw you in” (Bil Howard for Readers’ Favorite)

Award winning Interracial Native American Historical Romance set in the time of the classic novel, The Last of the Mohicans. A disparity of values and intentions clouds the path for James Fitzgerald and the Cherokee tribe he loves in this award-winning historical romance. A sister to the Chief, New Moon struggles with unrelenting attraction towards James, an outsider and threat to her way of life. Is James the warrior New Moon needs him to be and can visions of passion be trusted, at all cost?

Passion’s Price:

Dawn's free-spirited lifestyle was like a breath of fresh air to the people in London.

Passion’s Price takes place in England in the mid 18th. century. Golden Dawn is half white, half Cherokee. From her father she inherited gently curling blond hair, strikingly blue eyes and the appearance of sweet naivety. Her spirit however, inherited from her warrior mother, is that of a Cherokee warrior and is completely out of place in the sophisticated English culture. She has no problem appearing lady-like when she needs to, but late at night she dresses as a ragtag, dirty, homeless boy and fearlessly searches the back-streets and alleyways for clues leading to the identity of the person threatening the life of the man she loves.
Dawn’s vision of a warehouse fire and gunshots cracking through the darkness of night has warned Dawn that her Passion will exact a Price.
Will Passion carry her through to the end, or will she pay Passion’s Price?

Also My Young Adult, Captive Spirits will be 0.99 until January 2

Ever wake up to a world you didn't know? Ever have that gnawing feeling deep inside that tells you to run but you don’t know where to hide? Maybe you are a Captured Spirit.

"Captive Spirits" the first book in the 'Legends of Aztar Series' by Mary Adair takes us to the planet of Aztar, a place that is never known to be at peace. There is a deep fear of those who wield mystical powers and use them for cruelty and hold people as captive spirits. There is a small belief among the people, however, that some day a savior will come and take them out of the blood and gore of war. The leaders of each region come together to try to reunite the divided people so that they can have things ready for their savior. The leaders know the battle to free the will and spirit of the people of Aztar will not be an easy one. Many will be lost and so they decree that a King must be chosen. And they choose the first King of the land, Si Volcum.

What an adventure Mary Adair has created for readers of all ages! There are enough twists in the plot and curious intrigues to keep an adult brain mulling over them as they go, with the right punches of adventure for the young adults it is geared for. This is an enjoyable read with a very fast pace. Aztar may be a planet in war but to me it is still beautiful. The way the spirit of the people continues to live and wants to be free is a beauty to me. This is a skillfully written story and I very much look forward to reading the next book in the series.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Holiday filled with the blessings of family, faith and love.