Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bluebonnet Bride
Written by Best Selling Western Author Caroline Clemmons

Bluebonnet Bride is written by Caroline Clemmons, Best Selling Author of the Men of Stone Mountain Series.
Bluebonnet Bride is book number 3 in that series.

The story opens with Rosalyn, who is waiting in jail to be hanged, unjustly, for the murder of her husband. Her life has been hard and no one knows the trials she has suffered. Rosalyn’s only experience of a supportive family was provided by the two savants her father gave her on the day of her arranged marriage. Her only comfort is that her daughter, Lucy, will be cared for by the trusted servants after her death.

Things don’t always happen the way we expect, and so it is with Rosalyn. A tornado passes through town and destroys the jail. This is the chance Rosalyn prayed for. She makes her way home and with the help of her servants, who have been more family to her than her own parents, she and Lucy escape.

She and Lucy settle down in a small town and their lives take on the appearance of normalcy. Rosalyn is burdened by her past and fear of detection haunts her, especially when she falls in love with the local sheriff.

She wants more than anything to be able to tell him everything but fear of being taken back stops her. When her home burns she is sure it is because of her past. Then her daughter is put into danger. Her past is closing in. Her love for Joel is growing. Joel’s family accepts her as one of their own. How will they feel about her if the secrets she harbors are discovered?

I have read both Brazos Bride: first book in this series and High Stakes Bride: second book in this series. This third installment did not disappoint.

The series highlights the life of each brother in the Stone family. I love the way the family unity is brought out in each book, but especially in Bluebonnet Bride. Ms. Clemmons brings each character to life in such away you just know you have known them forever. I highly recommend this book.

Bluebonnet Bride is my personal favorite in the series. Of course I thought that after reading High Stakes Bride as well. Each story is a stand alone book, but the way all the family members come together in a scrap you wouldn’t want to miss a single story.

Reviewed by best Selling Author Mary Adair
I give Bluebonnet Bride 5 stars