Sneak Peek Passion's Vision

And the angel of God spake unto me in a dream... And he said, "Lift up now thine eyes, and see..."
Genesis 31: 11-12 K.J.V.


New Moon raised her arms high as she stretched up and out to the sky. A chill ran along her body and she shivered. She lowered her arms and wrapped them about her as she looked out at the tops of the pines and down to the valley below. For two days, she had been here, on this ledge of her beloved mountain. The screech of an eagle captured her attention and she looked up.

Her husband had called her his "Little Sparrow with the Heart of an Eagle." If only he were here with her. But he was not, and so soon, the other would arrive. She longed to soar like an eagle now, but she could not. So, like the tiny sparrow, she would not be able to escape her fate.

In her vision, she saw a child growing within her belly. A tear ran down her cheek as she placed a hand to her flat stomach. As badly as she had wanted to give her husband a child and as fervently as she had prayed to the Great Spirit for that one blessing, she had not conceived.

Was this new vision truly from the Great Spirit, or was all of this a cruel joke from the Trickster? What could it all mean? What would it mean to her and to her people?

New Moon made her way down the side of the mountain to where her brother, Chief Dancing Cloud, waited. Her muscles ached and her stomach rumbled with hunger from the deprivation of her vigil.

"Did the vision come to you?"

He sounded tired, as tired as New Moon felt. She massaged the tense muscles at the back of her neck. What lay ahead would not be easy.

"Yes," she answered and would have walked past but he put out a hand to stop her.

"The spirits tell you there will be another. Your heart should be happy," he insisted.

Logic! Her brother was always so logical. She looked past Dancing Cloud to the dawning horizon and blinked in an effort to control the tears that threatened once again to come to her eyes.

"Yes, the spirits say he is coming. But I say to you, brother, I will not belong to another. My spirit is too strong. If this were not so I would have been able to give my husband a son."

She drew in a ragged, steadying breath. "I am a warrior." Her resolve strengthened as his spine stiffened. Just saying the words gave her power. "If he had allowed me to go with him, he would not have died. I would have saved him from the white renegade."

New Moon knew Cloud felt her pain and anger as deeply as he felt his own. Yet his argument remained the same. The damp, cool breeze caressed her skin. The direction of the wind changed, and she shivered.

"You are a warrior, my sister," Cloud agreed. "But you are also a woman. You could not save your husband. The spirits were ready for him to join them." He pointed to her bandaged wrist. "It is not good that you still wear bandages on your arms. Your time of mourning is over. It is time to let go the sad song from your heart. Think about the one the spirits are sending. That will make your song turn happy."

New Moon looked at him. "I have been thinking about the one the spirits say is coming," she answered before he had a chance to speak again. "I will belong to no man, my brother, and never to a white man!"

Surprise leaped into Cloud's eyes. "A white man?"

"Yes." She felt better now. Her brother would understand. "The spirits send a white man. A man with hair the color of the great river's clay and eyes the color of the summer sky. I will not belong to him!"

With growing dread, New Moon stomped past, leaving Cloud to watch her retreating form while he wrestled with her revelation.

From an international award winner comes “Passionate, realistic and intense, Passion’s Vision will draw you in” (Bil Howard for Readers’ Favorite) 

In a time of combat and clash between white settlers and Native Americans in the 18th century, visions point towards an unlikely romance. 

New Moon, sister to a Cherokee chief needs a strong warrior, at least one stronger than she is. Her impenetrable pride and fierce regrets over the loss of her first husband join force to resist her attraction to an outsider to her tribe.

James Fitzgerald has an agenda and a past that presents impediment to his undeniable attraction to New Moon. 

Their paths are riddled with difficulty during a time when early settlers and native tribes contested for supremacy, land, and right, even among their own kind.

Picturesque historical detail surrounds a love story that abounds with adventure, intrigue and aching struggles of the heart. The enchanting tale of romance between New Moon and James takes readers through a tumultuous time in history when every day survival, expectations of culture and tradition, efforts to thrive in an undeveloped land and even disease lay hold of every opportunity for passion’s vision to soar. 

An award-winning novel, Passion’s Vision marries richly woven contexts of history and the timeless themes of love, romance, friendship and trust to create a majestically epic tale. 

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