Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Boxed Set by Best Selling author Caroline Clemmons

My good friend and Best Selling Author, Caroline Clemmons, is releasing a new boxed set of three of her most popular Western novels.

Here is a short blurb of each. I have read each one and can't say which was my favorite, I totally enjoyed all four. 

                                       Hearts and Flowers

HEARTS AND FLOWERS combines three historical romance novellas sure to entertain and please any reader . Let the cares of today fall away as you immerse yourself in these three historical romances.
SAVE YOUR HEART FOR ME is a sensual western historical romance set in the 1885 Texas Hill Country near the Medina River. Elizabeth Jeffers and Matthias Petrov meet again after six years. Now a widow, Elizabeth has a five-year-old son. Matt is free to tell her of his feelings, and she returns his ardor. But Matt has been sent to rescue a distant relative from kidnappers and help the man claim the ranch he’s been given. Can true love overcome the past to forge a future together?
HAPPY IS THE BRIDE is a mildly sensual western historical romance set in the 1885 Texas Hill country. Bethany Pendleton has sought to please her overly-demanding  parents by agreeing to wed men of their choice—three times. Each time the wedding went awry due to the unsuitability of the groom. Now she’s labeled a jinx by townspeople and considered an old maid. She decides to take matters into her own hands and proposes to her best friend, Mason Whitaker. Fate conspires to prevent this wedding and everything that can go wrong does. Will she be jilted again?

LONG WAY HOME is a sweet historical romance set in 1864 Georgia near the end of the Civil War. Parmelia Bailey has been charged with keeping her extended family safe until the War ends and the men come home. She risks her life to bring her brother’s fiancé to the Bailey family home.  Sad and angry that Darrick McDonald has returned wearing Union blue, she’s loved him as long as she can remember. He left penniless with his family after his father’s death to move north with grandparents. Will Darrick finally propose to Parmelia? More serious complications arise when a maniacal renegade whose proposal Parmelia rejected returns to claim her against her will. Can Darrick protect Parmelia and her family and stop the renegade he’s been sent to capture? 

Click here... Hearts and Flowers  and get your box set today.