Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Review of Most Unsuitable Courtship by Caroline Clemmons

I anxiously waited for the next book in the Kincaid Series.  I have to say The Most Unsuitable Courtship was even better than I expected! And believe me; I expect a lot from Caroline Clemmons. Her stories have never failed to meet my expectations.

Rena witnesses the brutal murder of her elderly husband who had saved and protected her from the time of her father’s death. She loved her elderly husband the way one would love a wise and protective grandfather, in fact that was the nature of their relationship. When Federal Marshal Storm Kincaid arrived just after the murder of her husband and destruction of her home place Rena knew, with his help, she would be able to avenge her husband’s murder.
Though Federal Marshal Kincaid opposed her decision, he realized if she did not travel with him she would set out to complete her errand of vengeance on her own and would most assuredly be killed.

With this the two set out, one to seek vengeance, the other to bring justice.  What the two experience range from fear to pain to horror to hope to expectation to love and happiness. In short, a roller coaster ride of emotion and adventure that leaves the reader counting the days till the next story in the Kincaid Series.

I highly recommend this book. All the books in the Kincaid Series are wonderful reads. You need not think you have to start from the beginning to read the series. Each book is a story in itself. It is great fun to read them in order because there will be reintroduction to characters you have already read about and fallen in love with, but it is not necessary to enjoy the story in hand.

I hope you read and enjoy the Kincaid stories as much as I do.