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Welcome to Science Fiction Author Barry E. Woodham

Today I am very happy to be interviewing Barry E. Woodham. If you are a reader of Science Fiction then you are familiar with his work. If you haven’t read any of his books then you need to do so right away and find out what all the buzz is about.

So lets get right to this.

MA.   Barry, I know my readers would like to know something about you. Please tell us a little about where you are from and what caught your interest in Science Fiction.

B.W.   As a design engineer I have written instruction manuals explaining how my machines worked, but never fiction!   I never really thought of being a writer, it just sort of happened! One lunchtime I had nothing to read and decided to write down some ideas that evolved into Genesis 2. Eventually I had people stopping by my design section asking me when the next chapter would be available to read?  When the project closed, I was able to retire early and continued to write and finish the first book. Because so many people wanted to know –“What happened next” - What can I say, I was hooked! As I too wanted to find out what happened next, I continued writing for the next 15 years! Now I write because I love it. To my amazement the reviews on Amazon have been astounding so I have taken the step of self-publishing all six novels. Now that the seventh is finished, I will spend some more of my children’s inheritance and send another flight of fancy aloft! The joy of knowing so many people love to read my SF is icing on the cake.

M.A.  Do you another interest that is close to your heart?

B.W.  Actually, Mary I have been seriously think about how I might contribute to charities like Cancer and Alzheimer's research. I would like to share my blessings in a useful way. At age 70, what would I spend money on anyway?

M.A.  You know what they say 70 is the new 50.  I am sure you have many more wonderful SF stories to delight your readers with.

MA.   I have read quite a bit of your work and your ability to create other worlds that are so different, but totally believable amazes me. It has to be a gift. I know when someone has a gift the things that inspire can be boggling yet so interesting to others. Can you give me an example of something that inspired you in creating your favorite character?

B.W.  Artificial intelligence has always fascinated me and the personality of Kamiel and how he managed to ‘go around’ his conditioning to safeguard the cloned humans and apes made me think. Watching him evolve throughout the Genesis series of books was intriguing! His interpretation of his mission to include ALL sentient creatures in his guardianship allowed me to continually delve into the logic and balance of his mind!
Peterkin however, allowed me to glimpse what it could be like to be an almost immortal being governed by a set of ethics handed down by his people that he had to break to save them! Now that gave me endless hours of typing fun to unravel. I delved into the archives of the Internet and blended old legends with speculation.

MA.   Every author has a favorite author.  Would you share with us, who is your favorite author? Is this author the one that inspired you to write your own SF or was there another author that did that?

B.W.    I have many favorite authors and for sheer variety Tad Williams come to mind. I can honestly say that I have not been inspired by just a few science fiction authors, I have been inspired by hundreds over the years. Many of them have died of old age and I miss their ideas and speculative fiction. I have read the magazine called Analog for at least 55 years so I have read thousands upon thousands of short stories, novels, novellas by all kinds of writers. I still have SF magazines from the sixties in order on bookshelves that I simply cannot bear to throw away!

M.A.  Is Molock’s Wand  your Work In Progress?

B.W.  Yes it is. I am looking at the last chapter at the moment.

M.A.  Could you tell us a little about that story?

B.W.   Yes. Two centuries after the destruction of the Dark Elves by the new High King, Molock’s Wand is the sequel to Elf War and follows the ruthless journey of revenge of the Halfling daughter of Molock’s rape of a human women. An overlord in her own right, she escapes the virus that destroyed the Dokka’lfar by being part human. Her stronghold is burnt to the ground and she escapes the vengeance of the humans that were under her control  and embarks on a violent journey of revenge against the High King, Peterkin.

To do this she needs Molock’s Wand from the rubble of the Dream-shifter that Peterkin destroyed along with Abaddon, Molock’s son. This is on Haven, the world where Peterkin lives. Once in her genetically keyed hands she will resurrect the Dream-shifter and build her revenge. Taking the life force from any who she can subdue, she remains young and telepathically powerful. Once again Peterkin is forced against his will to become a killer.

M.A.  Sounds like a great story. Don't meant to rush, but I hope Molock's Wand is available soon. I enjoyed your Tales of the Ferryman and they can be read for free on your bog, but are they available anywhere else as well?

B.W.           Just Click on READ THE BOOK  and all 15 Tales are there.

M. A.  Barry, thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights with my readers. One request from me….Finish Molock’s Wand!!!

B. W.   It is finished! I need to tidy up and provide a character list. I am on the last chapter and then I need to read it through again and search for Faux pas!

B. W.  Thank you, Mary, for featuring me on your blog.  It has been an enjoyable experience.  I always enjoy reaching out to readers who love SF. Many of my readers who have ‘done the course’ have said that I have ruined them reading other authors work as I have taken them back to science fiction as it was – aliens – time travel – powers of the mind – space travel – AI and all in the same book! Now I have added elves as well into the mix, without magic! What’s next? Only time will tell, but I promise it will be worth the wait.The last few sentences of Molock’s Wand could springboard another set of adventures in the parallel universes! With a host of parallel worlds at my imagination to explore all sorts of problems could beset the elves in the future.

M.A.  And I thank you for sharing yourself with my readers. I hope you will come back soon and share more of your work with us.

I have listed each of Barry’s books with links to Amazon. If you buy your books from Barns and Noble or any other book retailer, not to worry, Just go there and search Barry E. Woodham and you will find his work.  I have also included links to Barries blog where you will find a virtual ‘book’ free to read, as well as 15 Tales of the Ferryman and six ghost stories + a short SF.-----That keeps on growing!

Barry E Woodham.     

Be on the lookout for Soon to be Released   Molock’s Wand!
Also look for Tales of the Ferryman --- 1 – 15 and Ghost Stories

Here are the links to Barry's Books on Amazon:
The Genesis Project. In eBook and paper back.
Book 1 - Genesis 2 Book 2 - Genesis Debt (The Genesis Project) Book 3 -Genesis Weapon: The Genesis Project Book 4 -Genesis Search: The Genesis Project Book 5 - Genesis 3 - A New Beginning: The Genesis Project And  The Elf War         

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Mother's Day Special

Mother’s Day special:
Both Passion's Vision (Passion's Series) and Passion's Price (Passion's Series) are .99 at Amazon Kindle today and Monday. If you haven't read them this is a great time to add them to your Kindle library.

Passion's Vision (Passion's Series) won its first award, Betty Henrick’s Award for Most Publishable Romance by the Greater Dallas Writer’s Association, shortly after its first publication and has been going strong ever sense.

A Review for Passion’s Vision and Passion’s Price by:
Best Selling Author Caroline Clemmons:  Author of award winning Brazos Bride (Men of Stone Mountain)

Review: Passion’s Vision:
Evenly matched in determination, New Moon and James find their battle of wills turn to passionate romance amid the tumultuous drama of life in the 1700's. The author's careful and extensive research of the Cherokee people and this period of American history is artfully woven throughout this compelling saga of danger, intrigue, betrayal, passion, and triumphant joy. PASSION'S VISION is certain to capture the imagination of any reader who loves historical romance and adventure.
Caroline Clemmons   

                          Review: Passion’s Price:

 Passion's Price is the stand-alone sequel to Passion's Vision. In Chota Town in the Carolinas, Golden Dawn Fitz-Gerald has inherited her Cherokee mother's gift for visions and her Irish father's blonde hair and blue eyes. When Dawn learns her childhood friend Raven Cloud is in danger, she sets sail for England to protect the man she loves and has seen in a vision as her life's partner. Raven's life includes a successful career as head of the London office for Fitz-Gerald Shipping---and a fiancée. The path Dawn and Raven follow to discover the source of the mysterious accidents plaguing Fitz-Gerald Shipping threatens to destroy them both. Love triumphs and the two fulfill the promise of passion Dawn's vision foretold. Passion's Price is Mary Adair's second novel and reflects the same painstaking research of Ms. Adair's first novel, as well as her ability to breathe life into an interesting array of characters. Passion's Price is filled with adventure, romance, humor, and pathos sure to please readers and hold their interest from the first paragraph to the last.
by Caroline Clemmons

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Genesis Debt

Genesis Debt (The Genesis Project) Genesis Debt by MR Barry Woodham  My rating: 5 of 5 stars                  
Genesis Debt, written by Barry E. Woodham
Reviewed by Mary Adair
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Barry Woodham’s creativity in developing the life forms that populate the new world is unmatched. This is a story of survival for the human race with twists and turns that will keep you glued to the pages. Throw in time travel and the threat of extinction and you have an exciting example of storytelling in its truest and most enjoyable form.

If you enjoy Science Fiction/Fantasy/Adventure, then this is a must read for you.
I give Genesis Debt 5 Stars for Creativity, The Art of Storytelling and a thoroughly Enjoyable Read.

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