Sunday, July 15, 2012

Welcome! Come, follow the path of a writer with me.

I have always loved to read about Native American culture during the 18th. century. When I decided to write my first book, "Passion's Vision" I knew I wanted it to be in that time period. Being a true romantic I wanted to write a story that was not only full of romance, but also true to the time. And, as many other authors, I wanted to find some juicy story in my family's past. So, I did what every other aspiring author does... I looked back at my family history for a story to tell.  To my disappointment, there was nothing very exciting in my family line.  I haven't given up on my family. I'm sure there is a story there somewhere. But..., when I turned my attention to my husband's family... WOW..., I found a character on whom I just could not turn my back. This man inspired the entire Passion's series.

Again, like any aspiring author, I read everything I could find on this ancestor of my husband's.  I read, took notes on the palm of my hand, the back of my hand, on my wrist, grocery store tabloids, gum wrappers, tiny notepads, anything I could get my hands on. I even carried a tiny recorder.  I just had to do this because there is no timetable or appropriate location for inspiration. It just happens.  During my more organized moments, I created a file to keep track of any historical events pertinent to my story. I created a basic outline containing interesting, exciting, death-defying and romantic escapades of my hero that I was sure would  thrill my readers.  The whole experience of writing is glorious in a way only an author can understand!