Monday, August 6, 2012

Passion’s Price hit the top 100 Best Selling in Kindle's Native American Historical Romance!!!

Passion’s Price, second book in the Passion series is in the top 100 best selling list in its category at Kindle.

This story is set in 1700’s England. Golden Dawn is the daughter of James Fitz-Gerald and New Moon, who were first introduced in Passion’s Vision. Dawn has inherited her mother’s gift of visions that sometimes promise happiness, but all to often hint of grave danger. This story opens with just such a vision.

PASSION'S PRICE is the story of a woman willing to pay any price to realize her passion and a man who will deny his own passion to keep her safe.

The Great Spirit has blessed Golden Dawn with a gift of visions. In the grips of the most fearful vision she has ever had, Dawn sees darkness and smoke. Flames erupt and a gunshot pierces the night. Pain hits her chest and Dawn knows what she must do, even if it means her own death. She must leave her beloved Chota Town and her family. She must travel to England. There she will save the life of the one she has loved since childhood, or die in the trying. Will she be strong enough to stand between Buffalo and the danger threatening him? She does not know, but she is hell bent on trying.