Saturday, March 23, 2013

Interview with Loren Kral

Interview with Loren Kral    

I am happy to post Loren Kral’s interview done by me in January 2013. I was busy at that time working on Captive Spirits and was hoping Loren could shed some light that would help me out of my writer’s block.

Loren is married to Peter Kral and they live together in the southern area of Region Romtha. 

I hope you enjoy the interview.

M.A.A.  Loren, in the story, Captive Spirits, you and Peter have been married for several years. Could you tell me a little about how you met?

L.K.  Yes, of course. There was an outbreak of a virulent illness in the land. Only the elderly and very young were in danger of death from this plague but none of the young or elderly that contracted this horrible illness had survived. Peter has a younger brother who contracted the illness so Peter and his father came in search of my mother, who was well known for her ability to fight dead and win.

M.A.A.  So you met Peter and your mother treated his younger brother. Did his brother survive?

L.K.  Oh yes, the little fellow is not so little now and has a family of his own. It wasn’t my mother who treated him, though. My mother was old and near her time. She sent me with Peter. I can tell you, it was hard leaving her knowing she would go before I could return. Loren pats at a tear. It is the way of things.

M.A.A. I understand you also have the gift of knowing. Did you know Peter was coming or that he was the one?

L.K.  Loren folds her tissue and smiles sweetly. No, actually I did not know. My mother knew. She had prayed long and hard that the one for me would arrive before she left. When she saw Peter she knew he was for me. She told me so. 

M. A.A.  Did your gift develop after that? Did you know Peter was going to bring home the King of Aztar?

L.K.  Yes, in answer to your first question. The gift has developed as I aged and grew in understanding. As to your second question, no. The gift is not so acute, even now, that I should all things. Sometimes it is clearer than others. Though the knowing has grown within me, I am better at healing than seeing.

M.A.A. I would say that is a good thing. Caring for the King must have been very stressful.

L.K.  Fighting death is always stressful. All life is precious to me. It matters not the patient’s station in life.

M.A.A.  Well, Loren, The King is now well and Peter will soon be home from his trip to visit the Queen. Has your gift of sight revealed to you anything concerning Lyon or the King’s ability to find the little Prince?

L.K.  No, my dear, I do not know.

M.A.A. Not even a hint?

L.K. No, not even a hint at this time. I can tell you though, there are many that strive to control all around them.  Our best defense against the evil that is about to strike is knowledge and free will.

M. A. A. Thank you, Loren, for sharing with my readers today. Maybe you will come back again?

L.K. Loren’s smile is knowing and somewhat sad. Only time will tell.