Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Special

Mother’s Day special:
Both Passion's Vision (Passion's Series) and Passion's Price (Passion's Series) are .99 at Amazon Kindle today and Monday. If you haven't read them this is a great time to add them to your Kindle library.

Passion's Vision (Passion's Series) won its first award, Betty Henrick’s Award for Most Publishable Romance by the Greater Dallas Writer’s Association, shortly after its first publication and has been going strong ever sense.

A Review for Passion’s Vision and Passion’s Price by:
Best Selling Author Caroline Clemmons:  Author of award winning Brazos Bride (Men of Stone Mountain)

Review: Passion’s Vision:
Evenly matched in determination, New Moon and James find their battle of wills turn to passionate romance amid the tumultuous drama of life in the 1700's. The author's careful and extensive research of the Cherokee people and this period of American history is artfully woven throughout this compelling saga of danger, intrigue, betrayal, passion, and triumphant joy. PASSION'S VISION is certain to capture the imagination of any reader who loves historical romance and adventure.
Caroline Clemmons   

                          Review: Passion’s Price:

 Passion's Price is the stand-alone sequel to Passion's Vision. In Chota Town in the Carolinas, Golden Dawn Fitz-Gerald has inherited her Cherokee mother's gift for visions and her Irish father's blonde hair and blue eyes. When Dawn learns her childhood friend Raven Cloud is in danger, she sets sail for England to protect the man she loves and has seen in a vision as her life's partner. Raven's life includes a successful career as head of the London office for Fitz-Gerald Shipping---and a fiancée. The path Dawn and Raven follow to discover the source of the mysterious accidents plaguing Fitz-Gerald Shipping threatens to destroy them both. Love triumphs and the two fulfill the promise of passion Dawn's vision foretold. Passion's Price is Mary Adair's second novel and reflects the same painstaking research of Ms. Adair's first novel, as well as her ability to breathe life into an interesting array of characters. Passion's Price is filled with adventure, romance, humor, and pathos sure to please readers and hold their interest from the first paragraph to the last.
by Caroline Clemmons