Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gabe Kincaid by Best Selling Author Caroline Clemmons

Another great story by Caroline Clemmons I loved this book. I am a fan of the of all the Kincaid books and this did not let me down.

Katie Worthington comes from a good family and is used to a life of plenty. She returns home from spending time with her best friend to discover her grandfather dead and the murders still in her home. When she is locked in her room to await her own murder, she does what any red blooded heroine would do. She escapes out the window and joins a traveling circus. I adored this part!

She poses as Dorothy Duncan and starts out at the circus doing odd jobs. The cards are in her favor and she soon finds she has the opportunity to be a fortune teller. For this role, she assumes the name Majarani Shimza, Mystic of the East. She immerses herself in this role, she evens covers her beautiful hair with a black dye to better look the part, and is good at.

It is good she covered her tracks so well because she has been framed for her grandfather’s murder. Then the unthinkable happens and she fears that her past is closing in on her. This is when she meets Gabe Kincaid. Gabe is strong, upright, and of course, he is gorgeous. But most important, he is with the Law.

Will Gabe discover what she is hiding? Would he believe her if she told him all or would he follow the letter of the law? If you are a fan of the Kincaid Stories this edition will not disappoint. Many of my beloved characters from past stories were in this story as well. I personally love stories with strong family ties and highly recommend Gabe Kincaid