Thursday, October 23, 2014

Find Award Winning Passion's Vision ay StoryCartel

You know how authors always harp about needing reviews? Well, that is because they do. Reviews help an author become recognized, and helps them to sale books, true. But, most of all reviews help authors become better writers. Every author I know, and I know many, write for the love of the art. They love to create and approach it in just that way, as an art.

Most people have a special talent, one they love to do and they thrive on the appreciation of that talent by the people they care about. When someone loves what they do, they want to do it again, even better the next time. It may be a special recipe for their family or church social, It may be a beautifully decorated nursery or crocheted shawl for a loved one or a song they wrote themselves. I think each of us were created with a need to express themselves, don't you agree?

I wrote a book, Passion's Vision. It has won awards and it has been a best seller off and on at Amazon. But all that dims to the happiness I get from receiving reviews. Reviews tell me that my fans are happy with what I write, they enjoy my stories and want to read more.  I loved everything about writing Passion's Vision and now I would love to see reviews. Good or bad. Of course we all love good reviews, but the negative ones help us grow as well.

A Free copy Passion's Vision is available for 18 days at Story Cartel is where you can get a free copy of a book in exchange for a review. No body will hound you if you do not leave a review. It is up to you, but I truly hope you download a copy, Love the story and comeback to Story Cartel to leave a review.

If you have never heard of Story Cartel and love to read, it is a wonderful site to pick up some great reads!