Sunday, March 8, 2015

Free Days for book 2 and book 3 of Passion Series

This is your chance to get two Great Stories for Free.

Passion's Price is free in exchange for an honest rearview at Story Cartel for the next 20 days.

Dawn's free-spirited lifestyle was like a breath of fresh air to the people in London.

Passion’s Price takes place in England in the mid 18th. century. Golden Dawn is half white, half Cherokee. From her father she inherited gently curling blond hair, strikingly blue eyes and the appearance of sweet naivety. Her spirit however, inherited from her warrior mother, is that of a Cherokee warrior and is completely out of place in the sophisticated English culture. She has no problem appearing lady-like when she needs to, but at night she dresses as a ragtag, dirty, homeless boy and fearlessly searches the back-streets and alleyways for clues leading to the identity of the person threatening the life of the man she loves.

Dawn’s vision of a warehouse fire and gunshots cracking through the darkness of night warn Dawn her Passion will exact a Price.

Will Passion carry her through to the end, or will she pay Passion’s Price?

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