Saturday, July 13, 2013

Come Follow The Path With Best Selling Passion's Vision

Passion’s Vision is the first book in my Passion’s series. James Fitz-Gerald is an agent for King George II. He is sent on a mission to Chota Town, a major settlement of the Cherokee, to locate and terminate a French agent creating unrest between the natives of the area and the settlers.  This book is a story of love. James learns a great deal about honor and bravery when he becomes a warrior and blood brother to the tribes Most Beloved Warrior. He learns even more when he falls in love with New Moon, a warrior in her own right.

I will be posting Character Interviews and Character Sketches in the next few days. I welcome past readers of Passion’s Vision to comment and share your thought on the characters of Passion’s Vision and Passion’s Price.

 I hope you will pick up a copy of my Passion’s Vision and if you enjoy what you read please leave a short comment or review.

James Fitz-Gerald                          New Moon
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