Saturday, July 13, 2013

Introduction to Passion's Vision and James Fitz-Gerald

When I decided to try my hand at writing, I did what every other aspiring author does…I looked back at my family history for a story to tell.  To my disappointment, there was nothing very exciting in my family line.  I haven’t given up on my family. I’m sure there is a story there somewhere. But…when I turned my attention to my husband’s family…WOW…I found a character on whom I just could not turn my back. This man inspired the entire Passion’s series.

Again, like any aspiring author, I read everything I could find on this ancestor of my husband’s.  I read, took notes on the palm of my hand, the back of my hand, on my wrist, grocery store tabloids, gum wrappers, tiny notepads, anything I could get my hands on. I even carried a tiny recorder.  I just had to do this because there is no timetable or appropriate location for inspiration. It just happens.  During my more organized moments, I created a file to keep track of any historical events pertinent to my story. I created a basic outline containing interesting, exciting, death-defying and romantic escapades of my hero that I was sure would  thrill my readers.  The whole experience of writing is glorious in a way only an author can understand.

This ancestor is James Adair who wrote, as I understand, the first book outlining the lives of several Native American tribes. At the time I was researching this book, Adair's History of American's Indians, was difficult to find but I did locate an old copy. I used his book as one of my sources for research on the time as well as research on the man himself. I must admit, much of my own romantic imagination went into creating James Fitz-Gerald. Passion's Vision is a totally fictional story about the love that grew between an agent of King George II and a warrior woman of the Cherokee tribe. Thanks to Adair's book I feel I was able to bring to life a time in history that was filled with adversity, pain, adventure as well as pride, justice and a love for community and nature that sometimes feels lost in the world today.

I will bring you more interesting tidbits on Passion's Vision and the character James Fitz-Gerald so be sure to visit again. Passion's Vision can be found at Amazon in paperback as well as kindle download. It is also available at most digital retailers online. If you don't have a kindle you can download the app. by clicking on the Kindle app. add to your left on this page.