Sunday, June 23, 2013

Introduction to Passion's Price

Passion's Price

Passion’s Price, Passion Series, book two. Golden Dawn is the daughter of James-Fitz-Gerald and New Moon. Dawn has inherited her father’s fair hair and blue eyes. At first sight one might mistake her for a softer sort, but like her father, she is bold and determined. From her mother she has inherited the gift of sight. Unlike her mother, she does not question for a moment what her sight reveals.  She will risk anything, including her own life, to save the man she loves. 

Raven Cloud, called Little Buffalo as a boy, is the love of Dawn’s life. James Fitz-Gerald raised Little Buffalo as his own son. James was a wealthy merchant with his main office and shipping line located in London. When Raven’s own anger and uneasy spirit forced him to leave the tribe, James appointed him his legal heir and sent him to run Fitz-Gerald Shipping. 
For years, Dawn has missed Little Buffalo as half her soul. She has a vision that he is mortal danger. Her path is clear and only she can save his life. She knows her own may be forfeited, but she is willing to take that chance. Like her mother, she will pay any price to save the man she loves--even if it means wearing white women's clothes.  

Passion’s Price is the story of a Cherokee Princess that bursts upon English High Society with one goal in mind. The story is filled with adventure and twists, daring escapades, hilarious antics, dangers, and triumphs.  

I hope you pick up a copy today and enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing Passion's Price.