Thursday, April 11, 2013

Alexis Volcum

In my book, Captive Spirits, I do not give the back story for Alexis Zentar or tell how she came to be Queen. So I will do that now.
                                      Alexis Zentar was born to one of the most influential houses of Aztar.

Aztar was once a beautiful world filled with great forest, rolling fields coastal marshlands and a mountain range that provided a safe passage between Regions. Aztar is now a world at war. The war, before Si became King, lasted longer than even the old ones could remember. The land, as if affected by the evil that grips the minds and spirits of the people, was slowly becoming barren.

Alexis' father, while on a trip to explore the Northern Region for fertile land, came across an ancient castle. His suspicion that it was the lost Castle Museth was confirmed when he entered and found a riches of lost script form the Holy Book, Zemeria. The book contained a prophecy so magnificent and so full of promise that King Romney Zentar from the Region Iskaria had no difficulty in proclaiming it was meant for his very own family. He returned and called a meeting of all the Great Houses of Aztar. It was plain to see that a King had to be chosen and that his own gentle and loving daughter would be the mother of the prophesied Deliverer.

Alex, well known for her beauty and gentleness, was at first taken back and frightened to imagine her father would give her in marriage to a man she had never met. The fact that her betroth was the newly elected King only frightened her more. As time grew closer, and she heard stories of her husband to be, her fears lessen. In fact she became intrigued by the stories and began to look forward to their meeting.

When she first saw her new husband her heart flutter with excitement. He was imposingly large. His hands were hard and strong, yet as gently as a soft caress as he lifted her from her carriage. His eyes were dark brown and she fancied she could see straight through to his soul. She liked what she saw. She held her heart close, not wanting to be fooled by pretty words and softly spoken sentiments. To her surprise, there were no pretty words or overly studied speeches. He spoke to her as if she were his equal. He made her feel strong and brave and special. It did not take long for him to win her heart.

As the years passed their love grew and a daughter and a son was born. Alexis had never known such love or happiness. She thanked Father Creator for the blessings he bestowed on her and prayed her children would choose the teachings of the Zemeria over the magic of the Priests.

Her happiness came to an abrupt halt when she awoke to a world she did not know, a child she did not remember a brother that warned her of a dark mystic danger and...she was Queen of a Kingdom on the verge of war.