Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Queen Alexis Volcum

On my last post I introduced you to Alexis Zentar Princess of Iskaria. I had so many views I thought I would tell a little more about Alexis. Alexis is my favorite character in Captive Spirits. In fact, she is the one that inspired the title, Captive Spirits.  I hope you enjoy the preview below. 

 Alexis’ father, Romney Zentar was the only Region Head pompous enough to call himself King. The other Region Heads allowed it as long as he did not encroach into their territory. That was just a little back story I didn’t mention before. I did talked about how, before she became Queen Alexis Volcum, Alexis was well known for her beauty and gentleness.

This time I want to introduce you to Queen Alexis of Aztar. She accepted her arranged marriage to Si Volcum.  Before she met her intended she was nervous and apprehensive. After all, Si Volcum was a legend in his own right. He had fought and won many battles in defense of his homeland, Region Elderwood. Si Volcum was a fierce opponent and feared by all his enemies. He was also known for his fairness.

When Alexis and Si were married it did not take long them to fall in love. She was secure in his ability to care for her and their children while maintaining the peace that their union had helped to bring about.  Si found that Alexis beauty and gentleness was what he had missed in his life. He loved his wife and his children more than life itself.

Then, on a day of celebration, Si and their son Lyon disappear.  All of Aztar believe them to be dead. All, that is, except Alexis. Alexis has access to some knowledge that convinces her that her husband is alive. She immediately sends out search parties.

Then something happens. Alexis is found unconscious in her garden. She is alive, but will not awaken. Her brother steps in and claims closest kin and therefore allowed to stand in her place until she awakes, or it becomes obvious she will never waken.

But Alexis does awake. After weeks of sleeping she opens her eyes to a world she does not know, a child she does not remember and a man that calls himself her brother and warns her of a deadly danger to her and her daughter. Worse than all of this, she learns she is Queen in a kingdom at war. 

All Alexis has is her intuition, and her instincts are strong. When she first sees Cordea she sees a beautiful girl of about 13 turns. Her hair is fair and her eyes a beautiful aqua. Cordea runs to her, throws her arm about her and calls her mother. Alexis does not need to be convinced that in her arms is where this child belongs. Though the sight of the child brings no recollection, the fell of Cordea in her arms is all it takes for Alexis to know this is the child of her body. Alexis knows from that point she will risk all to keep her child safe. A man enters the room and is called Uncle Ranuff by Cordea. Alexis instincts again tell her to trust this man as her brother.

Though the gentle Alexis awakes to a strange world of wars and espionage her instincts serve her well. Alexis becomes a Queen no one expects. Alexis becomes a Queen worthy of respect. She rules the kingdom with wisdom and strength. Always in the forefront of her thoughts is Cordea and keeping her safe. Alexis knows that at some point she will have to make decisions that will exact a high price for Cordea’s safety. Like her husband, she will not falter.  She will pay the price.