Sunday, April 7, 2013

King Si Volcum

 Captive Spirits is my newest to be released Fantasy.  It is a story of the Legends of Aztar.  Of all my characters, Si Volcum is my favorite.

The population of Aztar elected Si to be their King. Their world had been in a state of bloody war for a very long time. Their children are being abducted and most people feel they are being killed. Others believe they are held captive somewhere.

The story starts with Si and his young son, Lyon being captured and forced to travel through the caverns to some unknown destination. Si believes he is becoming ill because of the horrific headaches he is suffering. He knows if he is to save his son, he must do something, and soon. Here is an excerpt :

Time moved slowly as the King was led through the caverns. He opened his shirt and cradled Lyon against his skin in an attempt to keep the child warm. There was little food allowed the captives, so Si fed as much of his own portion to Lyon as the child would eat. Each time they were allowed to sleep, Si would rest his back to the cold stone with his knees pulled up, Lyon tucked close to his chest and enfolded warmly in his arms. Still the child would squirm fitfully and call out to his mother in his sleep.
Si held his sleeping son and thought about their captors. It was clear now the three men were hired by someone to steal Lyon away. The only reason he was left alive was to make the transport of the child easier. He realized it was also important that the child arrive well and healthy to the ones behind this abduction.
He prayed to Boc that Alexis and Cordea were safe. He rubbed the sudden painful throb in his temple.  Perhaps the abductors were only after Lyon, but why? I swear I will see the three of you dead.

The pain in his head intensified. I can’t be sick. Not now. Why the Boc am I having these mind dulling head pains now?  Think, what was it Radsnu told me? I must think of something less disturbing, something pleasant? I have to get this pain under control.

Images of the world outside drifted through his mind. He saw tiny flowers in a multitude of colors carpeting the mountainside leaning down from his castle home. He saw Alexis, her fine black hair flowing back from her face as she played with her children in the sunshine. He could see Cordea, small and gentle like her mother, and Lyon’s joyful energy.

Oh, Alexis, do you know by now that we are gone? What are they telling you?  How are you holding up, my love? The pain returned.

To hell with pretty thoughts. He gritted his teeth and turned his gaze to his captors